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Santa Cruz - Bolivia

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Miquel Moragues Canela (Barcelona 1978 I Architect, ESARQ-UIC (2002), Collegiate num.43795-6) and Ignasi Solsona Tomás (Barcelona 1978 I Architect, ESARQ-UIC (2004), Collegiate num.44138-4), work in partnership since 2004. Together, they coordinate and direct the COTACERO Architecture Office.

They have their own offices in Barcelona (Spain, main office), Santa Cruz de la Sierra  and Cochabamba (Bolivia) and associated with local architects in Shanghai (China), Casablanca (Morocco) and Bourdeaux (France). In parallel, as members and under the name TRIBU Bcn, EME3 or MAB, they collaborate with different professional studies of architecture and other disciplines.

The extensive development of projects, both nationally and internationally, in any of its design phases (from "concept design" to "as built"), and with totally different programs and uses, has enabled Cotacero to receive training open to all Levels and projective scales, which over time has become a remarkable experience.

Cotacero now has 15 years of professional activity, during which he has developed more than 400 projects and proposals.

At the international level, they have carried out pilot projects of floating houses in Dubai (UAE), concept designs for various projects (both program and scale) in Saudi Arabia, urban plans in Tichy, Katowice, and Warsaw ( Poland), worked on the renovation of the historic "Plaza de Iliria" in Durres (Albania), the restricted competition for the Seoul Performing Arts Center (South Korea), leisure and tourism projects in Greece and the Dominican Republic , Sports and social facilities in Dalian (China), etc.

In 2008, Cotacero won the restricted competition for the drafting of the "Zac du Seque" eco-district masterplan in Bayonne (France), and the subsequent award of 2 building units in the same district (currently under construction). In collaboration with Scape Architecture and at the request of the Ville du Bayonne (SEPA).

In 2011, and in collaboration with the Brazilian architect Joao Pedro Backheuser, Cotacero won an important international competition for the future development of the Olympic Village for referees and journalists and media that has to be built in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games. A mixed-use project that includes a large residential area, an office complex, convention center and 5 * hotel.

In 2012, members of the Bolivian architect Fabián Farfán Espinoza (Partner of Cotacero Taller Arquitectura :: Bolivia) were winners of the competition for the new "Los Leones-Toyosa Business City", owned by Grupo Saavedra-Toyosa SA, a project they have been developing since Its adjudication, and that it must begin to be built in the sector known as "Curva de Olguín" in the city of La Paz, Bolivia in the middle of 2017.

In Bolivia, since 2012 they have also developed: In Cochabamba, 2 urbanizations of reference (of 47 and 290 hectares), a Business Center in Av America, the New Headquarters of the College of Dentists, in addition to 3 residential buildings among others; In Tarija, a condominium of 20 high-class housing; And in Santa Cruz de la Sierra the recently presented to the public "Business and Commercial Center Torres Toborochi", property of the Grupo Urubó Golf and Grupo Roda, and that forms part of the Village Urubó, in addition to another residential macro-project in height, around Of 250,000m2 in the sector of Colinas del Urubó and will be presented to the public during the first quarter of 2019.

At present, Cotacero is involved in other projects at international level, such as residential developments, government offices, sports and leisure facilities, etc. in Shanghai (China), Bayonne (France), and Casablanca and Tangier (Morocco).



2o Premio - Concurso Urbanización “Buen Retiro-Urubó Village” en Santa Cruz, Bolivia

3er Premio - Centro Cultural “La Sombrerería” en Sucre, Bolivia

2o Premio - Centro Residencia Asistida Vimar. Platja d'Aro. Girona                                            


1er Premio - Ciudad Empresarial Los Leones de La Paz, Bolivia

1er Premio - Sede del Colegio de Odontólogos de Cochabamba, Bolivia 

Mención - Teatro Municipal de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 


1er Premio - Villa Olimpica de Arbitros y Periodistas Rio de Janeiro 2016

1er Premio -  Ordenación para 550 viviendas en Bayona. Francia 

2o Premio - Parque Deportivo SESTAO, Vizkaia 

Finalista - Concurso Rehabilitación Mercado de Garau, Palma Mallorca 


1er Premio - Instituto Educación Secundaria San Salvador. Tarragona 


1er Premio - Nuevo Estadio del Nastic FC. Tarragona. 


2o Premio  - Concurso para el MEDIATIC 7@ Poble Nou. Barcelona 

1er Premio - Nueva Sede de Oficinas Sanofi-Aventis en Barcelona 

1er Premio - 3 Torres de Viviendas y 1 de Oficinas Plaza Europa. Barcelona 


2o Premio - 3 Edificios de oficinas en el Sector Almeda Park 

3er Premio - Concurso 52 Viviendas VPO. Hospitalet de Llobregat. Bcn 

3er Premio - Nueva Sede de Gas Natural. Portal del Angel. Bcn 

1er Premio - Rehabilitación complejo "Baronda". Esplugues, Barcelona 

1er Premio - Concurso 300 Viviendas de VPO en Granada 

2o Premio - Hotel de Gran Lujo en Paseo de Gracia. Barcelona 


CONSTRUINT A LA SALA 2007. Taller de Arquitectura para niños. MNAC Barcelona

Comisariado Mercado "EME3 Collapse" 2009. CCCB Barcelona

Libro y Exposición “HICAT, Territoris de Recerca” 2003. MACBA Barcelona

Exposición Concurso MADE ENDESA 2003. FAD Barcelona

BECA y EXPOSICIÓN Carta Blanca" 2003. FAD Barcelona

COAC Nit-In. Fiesta de los Arquitectos 2003 (En colaboración con CLOUD9 y CSSWeb)

3@ Asociación Alumnos de Arquitectura 1999-2002. Ciclos conferencias y acciones.

MEDIAHOUSE Metápolis – participación en eventos Barcelona 2000 y Madrid 2003