OGA // Latam! 176 Social housing Luque, Asunción (Paraguay) A new project developed by our office, this time in Paraguayan territory! These are 176 social housing units on Ikua Karanday Avenue, in the municipality of Luque ("Gran Asunción"). With a frontage of 30m and a depth of almost 300m, the project connects to the road on its east side, and is developed as a large "bar or base" on which two residential towers emerge up to 10 stories high. The base, in exposed concrete and local clay, is conceived as a heavy, terraced and green element up to 3-4 stories high, and that gives continuity to the vegetation and lushness of the environment, while the towers are presented as neutral bodies. that blend in with the Paraguayan sky. Currently, the project has all municipal approvals (Sept-21), is in the marketing phase and is expected to begin work next February 2022.